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A recently published study on the life and work of my grandpa Wilhelm Strohm (1902-1937) as a priest in the deaconry school of Rummelsberg  between 1928-1936 has been published by my uncle Albert in the Journal of Bavarian Church History, Vol. 68/1999, p.133ff. The document is written in German, here is my little abstract in english. 

As his father Christian, Wilhelm Strohm studied theology, and became a lutherian priest. After short engagements as a vicar in various Bavarian cities he joined the deaconry school Rummelsberg near Nuremberg and acted as the house father to the young priests. In his younger years, he obviously sympathized with the Nazis and wrote several articles on the jews and the arian race. In his late years he changed his mind and became member of the Confessing Church Group. This study examines his thoughts and believes, his relationship to teachers and professors during the 1920s and 1930s. 

Browse the complete study or download a copy in MS Word format.

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