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This is a brief overview on who belongs to this branch of Strohm family. My Grandma Maria, born 1904, died in August 2001 in Bayreuth, Germany, the famous Richard Wagner town. Her husband, Wilhelm, a protestant priest, died 1937 in his early years, leaving my father Theodor, his sister Karoline Emma and his eldest brother Albert alone with my Grandma in rather difficult war times. A study on life and work of Wilhelm Strohm has been written down recently by Albert, have a look at the research page (document available in German language only). 

My father Theodor (born 1933) married Hanna, my mother (born 1935), orginating from the Kerlen family, in 1960, the year I was born in Berlin. They live now in Heidelberg, Germany, and have entered the retiring age recently. My aunt Karoline, married with Hinrich and living in Berlin, has two children, both residing in Hamburg. My uncle Albert, married with Barbara and living near Passau, Germany, has some five children, all living across Germany.  

My two sisters, Gabriele (1961) and Simone (1963), live  as myself in the Greater Zurich Area in Switzerland. I got married to my wife Petra some years ago, as Swiss authorities forced us to do so. Our relationsship dates back to 1979 and is still vital. We have two kids, Lea (born 1993) and Timo (1999).    

David Strohm 2001